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  • About

    CAS Investment Management Co., Ltd

    With the mission of providing financial support and value-added services for enterprises in the leading position in the industry and helping them become excellent enterprises with international competitiveness, CASI is committed to becoming a leading private equity investment fund manager in China.

    • 1987


    • 280+

      Achievements transformed

    • 120+

      2007 - now,
      number of science and technology enterprises invested

    • 100+

      Managed capital

    • 20+



    management co.,ltd


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    CAS Said


    To enterprises

    CASI is committed to investing in top teams in high-growth industries, helping to achieve great companies, and jointly making technology the driving force for creating a better world.

    To team members

    Take the road of specialization, take the struggler as the foundation, and pursue extreme openness. CASI hopes to become an ideal carrier for you to pursue career success and a prosperous life.

    To investors

    CASI does not unilaterally pursue the expansion of the management scale, and long-term value creation is the only capital we gain the trust and support of investors.

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    • To team members
    • To investors
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